Leveraging YouTube to Build Trust and get Leads with Jessica Freeman

Word of Mouth has long ruled the lead-generating roost for freelancers and small business owners. But that’s an untenable, unscalable business model. What does work, you wonder? Ask web designer Jess Freeman. 60% of Jess’ leads come from content creation alone; 40% from her blog and YouTube. While many view YouTube as a place for entertainment and influencers where only the most popular channels make money, Jess shows us that’s not true. And she shares some fantastic tips on how you can leverage YouTube to build trust and generate leads. Plus, in Build Something More, we talk WordPress vs. Squarespace.

Top Takeaways:

  • Don’t expect to get rich overnight with content. It’s a long game that helps you build better trust with prospective clients.
  • Jess tells us about 2 types of YouTube content: connection (get to know me better) and educational (teaching something). Be sure to teach your target audience!
  • Consistency is key, so come up with a cadence that works for you. Batch your content and release it on a predictable schedule.

Show Notes:

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