Live Coaching: How and When to Monetize Your Podcast with Nathan Wrigley

It’s another live coaching call! This time I have podcaster and WordPress site builder Nathan Wrigley. We chat about how I format this show, record the bumpers and the intros, and the benefits (and potential pitfalls) of batching. Then we roll into making money: how to find and land sponsors, and when to think about monetizing your podcast. Nathan has been a podcaster for a long time, so it was great to field his questions as well as get his perspective. Plus in Build Something More, we talk about what it’s like to run a virtual summit.

Top Takeaways

  • Have a good process for outreach to guests and sponsors. You can better track, schedule and batch!
  • Should you think about monetization before you launch your podcast or after? It’s a great question! You should think about why you’re starting your podcast and how you can monitize. But you should wait to launch until you have a money making plan.
  • One this is absolutely necessary though: Build your email list!

Show Notes:

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