How'd It Happen Podcast
How'd It Happen Podcast
Matthew Pollard, Why Introverts Have a Valuable Edge (#229)

Today's episode is with the Bestselling Author, Rapid Growth Business Authority, Speaker, Award-winning Blogger, and Podcaster, Matthew Pollard. He is also a serial entrepreneur with five multi-million dollar business success stories under his belt, all before 30. If that doesn't sound amazing, I don't know what is. We talked about how it happened for him, his visual problem, his accent, being an introvert, and so much more.

Matthew Pollard is Top 50 Keynote Speaker for 2020 – Top Sales World Magazine and Forbes calls him “the real deal,” but he is better known as “The Rapid Growth Guy.” By the age of 30, Matthew has been responsible for five multi-million dollar business success stories.

Fast-forward just a few years and he has worked with companies such as Electrolux, Oracle, and Microsoft, providing training, keynotes and workshops from Thailand to Las Vegas. The hundreds of stages he's appeared on, and the impeccable ratings he has received, have earned him a CSP designation, the highest certification awarded by the National Speakers Association.

He has also transformed thousands of struggling or plateaued small businesses into momentum and growth. There’s something heroic about people with the skill, passion, and belief in themselves to launch a business, and he is dedicated to seeing them prosper. That’s why, in addition to working with clients one-on-one through his signature Intensive and my Rapid Growth Academy, he founded Small Business Festival, ranked by Inc as a Top-3 business conference, providing hundreds of free events across the nation each year.
His bestselling book, The Introvert’s Edge, has been endorsed by Harvard, Princeton, Neil Patel, and more than 50 other global leaders.

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Show notes:
[3:17] How'd it happen for Matthew
[8:37] Diving deeper into Irlen syndrome
[11:52] On creating the audiobook
[15:15] The struggles of an introvert
[20:41] The importance of practice and debriefing
[29:05] Do you want to be seen as a commodity?
[30:47] Are introverts more coachable?
[37:06] What an introvert needs to do to “level the field,” so to speak?
[43:19] Let's talk about networking as an introvert
[55:34] Final nuggets of wisdom
[59:17] Where to find more of Matthew?
[1:01:54] Outro

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