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The Indian Startup Show
Meet Singhal co-founder of Stamurai. On building the world's biggest digital therapy app for stuttering & stammering.

Giving a voice to people who don’t have a voice. Today my guest is Meet Singhal. Co-founder of Stamurai. A Mobile app that helps you learn & practice speech therapy exercises for stuttering & stammering. So in this episode he talks about how stuttering controlled his life almost having a breakdown and how he turned it all around by developing this mobile app. Talks about the initial prototype & acquiring his first customers. Which now has 40,000+ installs across 155 countries around the world. Talks about the science and psychology around stuttering. Never ordering food he liked only ones that were easy to say. Dealing with speech therapists. (30% sceptical , 70% encouraging) Talks about the best day so far. What you should and should not do when dealing with a person who stutters and telling his first ever joke! Talks about the subscription based business model . Does music work? – We talk about the headphone scene from the King’s Speech! And finally gives great advice about raising finance & finding product market fit. Its an inspiring story and one that will inspire you!

In this conversation we also talk about:

  • Traditional speech therapy is expensive
  • Growing 15% every month.
  • His Initial assumptions – would people use a self-directed product?
  • Honey is not the cure for stammering & other quacky myths!
  • Speech therapy has not changed for the last 100 years.
  • Being a 2x entrepreneur
  • Why do people stutter?
  • Biggest learning from the initial MVP
  • Why his first startup failed (Khan academy for india)
  • Being Inspired by Charlie Munger.
  • App design challenges.
  • ‘Getting rich is never easy in a well formed society’
  • How they onboard users.
  • Getting help from Prosus, a global consumer internet group.
  • Why do products fail?
  • ‘It’s a hard journey , but filled with meaning’
  • Product roadmap – expanding into other speech disorders.



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music by Punch Deck.

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