Volume Up by The Tease
Volume Up by The Tease
Meet the Dynamic Duo Leading John Paul Mitchell Systems Into The Future

Question of the Day
Jeffrey and Kelly discuss the ‘Salon on Wheels’ legislation in Alabama. https://www.al.com/news/mobile/2021/05/bill-to-allow-rolling-hair-nail-salons-approved-by-alabama-senate.html (https://www.al.com/news/mobile/2021/05/bill-to-allow-rolling-hair-nail-salons-approved-by-alabama-senate.html)
Interview with Michaeline DeJoria and Jason Yates
Michaeline DeJoria, daughter of John Paul Mitchell Systems® co-founder John Paul DeJoria, recently named CEO of John Paul Mitchell Systems and Jason Yates, newly minted President of John Paul Mitchell Systems and industry veteran of over 30+ years.
1-Year of BLM in Beauty
Miki Wright, host of Beauty SuperStars Talk – a podcast focused on race and diversity in the beauty industry. We’ll be talking about her all month long as she reviews the beauty industry’s successes and failures since George Floyd’s death. This week’s episode is titled Rising to the Top in Beauty, Fashion and Entertainment with Crystal Wright, sponsored by Black Beauty Expo. Go to BeautySuperStars.com to learn more, listen, watch and participate in these conversations!
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Disco Offers Effective Skin Products for Men Who Care

Jamika Wilson and Mia Neal Make History with Hair and Makeup Oscar Win

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