Creators Are Brands
Creators Are Brands
Mitchell Cohen: The producer of Noah Kagan’s successful YouTube channel & Director of Influencer Partnerships at ($100M/year company)

In this episode I chatted with Mitchell Cohen.

He is the Director of Influencer Partnerships at which is a digital product marketplace for entrepreneurs (they do over $100 million a year). Essentially, they’re the Amazon for entrepreneurs and people with digital products.

Mitchell is also the producer of Noah Kagan’s YouTube channel.

Noah is the founder and CEO of APPSUMO, employee #30 at Facebook and #4 at mint. and

He’s someone who consistently shares practical insights around lessons he’s learned as an entrepreneur…

Michell leads the team who helps him do that successfully on Youtube.

In this episode, we learn how Mitchel Landed his job, how he works with influencers, what he’s learned from Noah, and how he would approach YouTube if he was starting from scratch.

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