The Indian Startup Show
The Indian Startup Show
Mudasar Mohamed COO & co-founder of Ezyhaul - On building a digital road freight platform & using tech to organize the trucking Industry in India & South East Asia.

Logistics is the hottest industry to be in right now , according to my guest Mudasar Mohamed, Co-Founder & COO of Ezyhaul. Ezyhaul is a logistics tech startup based in India and South East Asia. They are on a mission to transform transportation logistics by building an ecosystem around shippers, truckers, government agencies, and third party service providers.

So in this episode he talks about how they validated the MVP by talking to experts & truck drivers. Talks about being very close to going bankrupt but are now growing fast! 300% in 2 years with $180 million in revenue.

Talks about how they digitize the trucking process. Talks about how they use data, dashboards and analytics to improve decision making. Talks about the two reasons why startups fail. Why three is the magic number in founding a startup.

What to look for in a co-founder and the qualities you need to be a COO. Talks about the golden rule in growing a 2 sided market. Why do they employ data scientists?

Talks about not getting carried away with valuations & Why is the transport industry still 20 years behind? And finally he talks about whether you!.. YES YOU! should pursue entrepreneurship or stay in your 9-5 job and much more! So please enjoy the show.

In this conversation we also talk about:

  • Ecommerce is booming.
  • How they matching supply & demand
  • Dealing with resistance to change.
  • Beating the competition by entering Tier 2 cities.
  • First impressions of his co-founders
  • He shares what he looks for in hiring (do something entrepreneurial)
  • Books/podcasts recommendations
  • Creating a blue ocean & staying away from the red oceans
  • Why the focussed initially on Delhi and Bangalore
  • How they improve the life of truckers.
  • 75K trucks on the platform

and much more!



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music by Punch Deck.

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