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Today we’re discussing the end of mass vaccination in the U.S., what the oscars are going to look like, Elon Musk hosting Saturday Night Live May 8th, who created Bitcoin, the rise in lumber prices, Taco Bell’s meat alternative, and more.

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No-Mask Mandate – Group Chat News 4.25.21

  • Ad Break. [0:26]
  • S*** is crazy out in Dee’s neck of the woods. [2:15]
  • Retail is BACK! [9:06]
  • Anand is back attending sporting events. [12:10]
  • Jake Paul is out for Dana White’s neck. [16:11]
  • Drama recaps the star-studded UFC 261 in Jacksonville, Florida. [18:30]
  • Things are out of control out in the streets of Los Angeles. [21:27]
  • Clubhouse x NFL, will this partnership save Clubhouse? [23:40]
  • Are vaccinations over? [26:29]
  • Ad Break. [36:54]
  • Group Chat loves award shows. [39:30]
  • No-mask mandate! [44:51]
  • Everyone loves you until you lose their money. [48:50]
  • Will the real Satoshi please stand up?! [56:16]
  • Bitcoin, the new Doge? [1:00:47]
  • Will you purchase Taco Bell’s meat alternative? [1:06:29]
  • Group Chat Shout Outs. [1:10:53]

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