AI and the Future of Work
AI and the Future of Work
Rory O'Driscoll, Partner at Scale Venture Partners, discusses success modes for AI companies and three essential strategies for startups

Rory O'Driscoll has been investing in startups since founding Scale Venture Partners 27 years ago. He and his team have invested in transcendent companies like Box, DocuSign, Omniture,, HubSpot, and others. Listen to this one multiple times. You'll learn something new each one.

Hear Rory's insights on AI and venture investing…

  • “The venture business is more a decision business and less an action business.”
  • “The purpose of AI is to make better, more cost-effective decisions.”
  • “It’s extraordinarily hard to replace people with AI.”
  • “It’s hard to regulate what you don’t understand.”
  • How software is eating into traditional spending on telco and banking.
  • Why successful startups must pick one of three strategies: “fight, focus, or fly”

Previous episodes and companies mentioned on the podcast:

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