Two Old Bucks
Two Old Bucks
S2 Ep 46: The One Year Anniversary Cast, Weber redux, Bodies of water, Gunther III, Pivot

The TOBs celebrate their one-year anniversary and spare their listeners any sappy retrospectives, mainly because they can't remember much of what they talked about. But their loyal, hardworking staff reminded them that they've dropped 56 episodes for listeners in 24 countries. Meanwhile, the makers of Ambien are suing TOB LLC for a 42% drop in business since we launched our podcast.

Del provides a followup on his Weber grill disaster and what he learned. Pay attention here-no joke.

Del spells phytotelma–correctly, much to Dave's amazement. But he won't tell Dave what it means, challenging our listeners to send in the answer to: Can Del be a closet genius? Dave thinks so. He might even be an augury. A what?

Then there's GuntherVI, a German shepherd dog who owns a $32 million mansion in- where else- Florida. Dave wonders if this is more fake news from Florida while Del has visions of an inter-species romance. Try not to visualize it.

Dave plugs another podcast-Pivot, hosted by Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway. Swisher is a seasoned tech journalist who can reportedly make Mark Zuckerburg sweat in his hoodie, which is good enough for Dave. Galloway is a prof at NYU, where he teaches graduate level marketing. Unlike the Bucks, they're really smart, giving their raw, unfiltered takes on tech, politics , and business. WARNING: DO NOT listen to them at bedtime. they will not put you to sleep.

The Bucks close the anniversary issue with a LFA from Normalville.

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