Audience Coach | Build Your Audience as a Health and Wellness Coach
Audience Coach | Build Your Audience as a Health and Wellness Coach
Scale Your Business with Better Content in Less Time, with Mark Savant

Have you ever struggled with podcast production? Let me tell you this, podcast production can be a breeze if you have the right systems and processes in place. In this episode, Mark Savant – a podcast producer – will share his expertise, tips, and tricks to help you build systems and standardize procedures to enable you to delegate and automate your processes. If you are currently overwhelmed with your podcast production procedures or wanting to set up a new podcast show, this episode will give you an idea of how you can build a framework for your production that will set you up for success.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Mark tells us more about what he does and why he focuses on building systems in the content creation process.
  • Why are systems needed?
  • Podcasting is about communicating your message to your customers.
  • Implement these systems to help you with podcast production.
  • Why a content calendar is key for producing a podcast.
  • Tools and platforms you can use to document systems and processes within your podcast production.
  • Systems you can implement to promote your podcast and how outsourcing work can help you in the long run.
  • Focusing on 3 things to build a framework you can use.
  • Neil’s recommended tools for new podcast shows of service-based businesses

Guest Links:

Mark Savant Media Website

Resources Mentioned:

Google Suite – Now Google Workspace





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