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Scott Carney – Scott Carney – Biohacking your Body using the Environment, Writing, and Debunking Gurus
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Scott’s Wild Idea: To write about adventure and the outdoors, debunk gurus, and find ways to biohack your body to improve performance and health.

Last week, I interviewed “Iceman” and record breaker Wim Hof, who talked about how cold immersion and breathing techniques can help humans achieve better health, happiness, and strength. This week, I thought it was appropriate to follow up our conversation with anthropologist and investigative journalist Scott Carney.

In addition to spending a lot of time with Wim Hof, studying his method and climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro with him in record time wearing little clothing, Scott also wrote a best-seller about Wim called What Doesn’t Kill Us. The book dives deep into the science behind the Wim Hof Method, and also explains how environmental conditioning can help us renew our lost evolutionary strength.  

Scott spent much of his career debunking health and spiritual gurus, and writing about them for national publications and books. When he set out to do the same thing with Wim Hof, something different happened. Scott discovered Wim’s methods actually worked. He also discovered that cold water, ice baths, and other conditioning practices (like those used in the Wim Hof Method) can renew strength, make your body leaner, and increase your physical abilities and your brown fat, which is needed to stay warm.

Scott loves to immerse himself in his work, often putting himself in situations that push his body’s limits. He encourages young writers to do the same. In our conversation, we talk about his time with Wim Hof, what he thought of his methods, and why they work. We also discuss other methods to challenge yourself, the value of being uncomfortable, and how to make it as a freelance writer.

Listen to this episode if: 

  • You liked the Wim Hof episode and want to know more.
  • You want to be an adventure writer.
  • You’re interested in biohacking your body to be a better athlete and human.
  • You want to get better at being uncomfortable.

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