The Indian Startup Show
The Indian Startup Show
Shreyas Talpade actor, director & producer on building Nine Rãsã - India's first ever streaming platform dedicated to theatre & performing arts

If everything is going digital why not theatre? Today I speak to Shreyas Talpade, actor , director , producer and now he is entering the exciting world of entrepreneurship building India’s first ever streaming platform dedicated to Theatre and Performing Arts called Nine Rasa. This platform gives you access to several hours of plays, skits, story-telling, stand-Ups, chats and more across several languages. In this episode he talks about how the idea got conceptualised during the pandemic. Talks abut how the platform works, developing the ecosystem and being a first time entrepreneur. He talks about the decision making process on what goes on the platform and what doesn’t. Shreyas then goes on to talk about his acting career including his big break, learning the craft, getting recognised for the first time. Talks about dealing with directors & writers and finally he talks about why you should ignore the critics , stop overthinking and just go do it!

In this conversation we also talk about:

  • Streaming 100hrs of content
  • The rise and fall and now the rise of theatre in india.
  • Millennials liking the concept
  • Who are they targeting?
  • Everyone’s a critic!
  • Could he have made it as a cricketer after staring in Iqbal?
  • Dealing with the emotional side of acting.
  • Getting out of the comfort zone & thinking outside the box
  • Theatre classics v new content.
  • Not spending any money on marketing
  • Advice for first time entrepreneurs
  • Why he is not competing with Netflix and other streaming services?

And much more!



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music by Punch Deck.

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