Volume Up by The Tease
Volume Up by The Tease
Sienna Naturals Shows Up For Black Women

On today’s episode Kelly and Jeffrey discuss their shared anxiety over Peloton, Martin Scorsese’s Netflix Doc, and recap last week’s interview with Bravo-lebrity, Tabatha Coffey.
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Interview with Hannah Diop, Co-Owner/Founder of Sienna Naturals
Hannah Diop, Co-Owner/Founder of Sienna Naturals shares her origin story for the brand stemming from a life of growing up with clean and natural products that didn’t server her haircare needs.
“..it just wouldn’t detangle. So this very early impression on me was that there was something inherently wrong with my hair, because they didn’t have a shampoo offering for me at the store. So that left a really big impression on me and stuck with me.”
“..I think for textured hair care in particular, performance is extremely important in a product. And so for a clean product to work, it also has to be effective…”
“My mission with Santa naturals was to really create a wellness product that feels good that performs in our hair, but is made with clean ingredients.”
From growing the brand from scratch in her home to tradeshows and finally her relationship with now co-founder Issa Rae, Hannah shares her “why” which is so inspiring to professionals everywhere looking to support all of their clients regardless of hair texture.
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Body Wash > Bar Soap
Must Have Product: Sienna Naturals!
Streaming: Senegalese crime drama. https://www.justwatch.com/us/movie/sacco-and-vanzetti (Sacco and Vanzetti)
Tabatha Coffey
Issa Rae
US Postal Service
Fran Leibovitz
New York City
Marylle Koken
The Harlot Salon
Ray Civello
Lupe Voss
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