SPECIAL: The Tools in the Solo Creator Toolbox

This special episode is a crosspost from the Indie Hackers Podcast with Courtland Allen. Sam and Shaan were interviewed by Courtland a few months ago and they gave a behind-the-scenes look at how they think about building out different income streams as a solo creator.


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Show notes:

* (1:05) On Courtland selling to Stripe

* (4:30) What makes My First Million special

* (12:05) How a founder can succeed after being acquired

* (17:49) Shaan’s path to solopreneur

* (26:19) How you make money with a rolling fund

* (32:52) Ideas around astrology and horoscopes

* (41:14) The tools in the solo creator toolbox

* (43:14) Who is having the most fun doing what they do

* (53:35) What are Sam & Shaan’s end game?

* (1:01:41) How to have it all

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