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Marketing Today with Alan Hart
Standing Out in the Crowd with Torchy’s Tacos Scott Hudler

Scott Hudler is the CMO of Torchy’s Tacos, an experiential craft-casual restaurant. In this episode, Alan and Scott explain what that means.

Torchy’s was founded a decade ago in Austin, Texas. The concept was an elevated street taco. Today they have over 83 locations in seven states and plan to add a hundred company-owned restaurants in the next five years.

Learn how being individually owned instead of a franchise helped them grow and how they lean heavily on experience and grass roots marketing.

In this episode, you’ll learn:
The intersection between fun and business
Great customer experience shines through the abundance of choices
Meeting customers where they want to interact with you

Key Highlights:
[01:45] Scott’s favorite city
[03:22] The brands Scott has worked for
[06:01] What made Torchy’s the next “right” move
[07:16] Torchy’s backstory
[12:06] Executing a winning formula
[14:00] Not a franchise but individually owned
[17:07] Making the leaps to grow
[18:35] How the food industry will change post-pandemic
[20:15] Overcoming the abundance of choices
[21:41] Experiential marketing at Torchy’s
[26:22] A defining experience that made Scott who he is today
[30:30] Scott’s advice to his younger self
[31:20] Scott’s impactful purchase
[32:38] The brands and companies Scott follows
[34:35] What Scott says is today’s biggest threat and opportunity for marketers

Resources Mentioned:
Torchy’s Tacos
Scott Hudler
Michael Rypka (Texas Living Story)
GJ Hart, CEO, on the Managing Partner internal ownership model
Airpods Pro
Todoist (app)

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