Stanley Druckenmiller on What Makes a Great Investor, Bitcoin & His Biggest Trades

Trung Phan (@TrungTPhan) — lead writer for The Hustle — interviewed hedge fund legend Stanley Druckenmiller on May 11. Widely regarded as one of the greatest investors ever, Druckenmiller famously made $1 billion in a single trade shorting the British Pound in 1992.

Sam (@theSamParr) has a brief intro chat with Trung before transitioning into the 40-minute Druckenmiller Q&A, which covers: 1) the parallels between now and the Dot-com bubble; 2) the appeal of Bitcoin; 3) the first Big Tech firm likely to reach a $5T valuation; 4) what makes a great investor; and 5) Druckenmiller’s investment in fintech startup Toggle AI (which set up the interview).


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Show notes:

* (8:25) Lessons from the Dot-com Bubble

* (17:40) What’s the first Big Tech company likely to reach a $5T valuation?

* (19:25) What’s the biggest risk to the equity markets?

* (21:55) What are the long-term effects of the Wall Street Bets saga?

* (24:20) How he uses Toggle AI in his investing process

* (26:50) What makes a great investor?

* (35:20) What is the appeal of Bitcoin?

* (42:20) His thoughts on Dogecoin

* (44:20) Advice for 20-year olds

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