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Steph Jagger – Lift Your Restraining Device
Wild Ideas Worth Living

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Have you ever want to quit your job, uproot your life and do something crazy like SHATTER a record, ski at your favorite resorts around the globe, fall in love and get a HUGE book deal.

Meet Steph Jagger. Steph grew up with a good family, and had a great job in good old Canada, eh’!? She was working in public relations for major companies, made enough money to buy a new house and go skiing on weekends, but she wanted more from life. One day, while skiing in Whistler with some friends, she literally saw a sign. It read…


The sign referred to that little metal bar you are required to lift before exiting a chairlift so you can ski down the mountain. Otherwise, you would be trapped in your chair circling the mountain all day long. Anyway, Steph is one of those people who believes in the power of a whisper that can turn into a ROAR. She took it literally.


She completely reconstructed her life as she knew it and decided, hey, I am going to go ski around the world, and why not break a record on the way!? She also once told me she was like a “Mullet,” business in the front, party in the rear. I didn’t ask her too much after this.

Back to uprooting her life. This was not an easy decision. People said she was crazy, including her own family. But she did it anyway. Along the way she skied gorgeous mountains, met fantastic and handsome men, including her husband (which I will let you read the book to get the gushy details full of humor and awesome sexy talk) and she SMASHED a record. The journey wasn’t all peaches and ice cream, but it revealed powerful realities about herself.

She shares with us about her journey, about why STARTING LINES are more important than FINISH LINES, and also why waiting never gets you to the end.

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