Volume Up by The Tease
Volume Up by The Tease
THE Argument: Licensing in the Salon Industry

An-ongoing conversation with the industry is the proposed deregulation of cos, nails, barber and other licenses at the state level. These conversations have continued to be in the spotlight during the COVID-19 pandemic as these licenses require professionals to keep and maintain health and safety regulations specific to each state, as we talked with Leslie Roste BSN, RN from BlueCo Brands on episode 6. License requirements are built by state boards and can vary in difficulty and breadth. These boards then require continuing education (CEUs) to maintain licensure.
In states all over the country our industry has to fight laws, some that are sunsetted – meaning we need to revisit them on a regular basis, and some that appear when ‘politically’ relevant for politicians because the laws are perceived as ‘overregulation and unnecessary and could work to help with funding issues, reduce the size of government or as the result of misconceptions of the industry itself” – according to https://www.probeauty.org/docs/default-source/advocacy-documents/2020/toolkit_deregulation.pdf?sfvrsn=33f6cf81_2 (PBA’s deregulation toolkit ).
Here’s a list of the current bills that include some sort of deregulation that are on the table:
Minnesota State Representatives introduced legislation that would allow anyone to cut and color hair without a license (https://p2a.co/v7R6Z2P (https://p2a.co/v7R6Z2P))
Arkansas state representatives introduced legislation which will allow anyone to shampoo, condition, dress, dry, style and flat iron, curl and arrange hair without a license or training (https://p2a.co/MiwjRsj (https://p2a.co/MiwjRsj))
Nevada state senators introduced legislation which will add blow-drying and curling hair to the definition of shampoo technician which can be practiced after 20 hours and doesn’t require a license (https://p2a.co/5ZJa2gh (https://p2a.co/5ZJa2gh))
West Virginia State Delegate introduced a bill to prevent the Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists from regulating the use, application, or administration, by unlicensed persons whether for compensation or not of hair, nail, skin, and other beauty products that are commonly available as retail, consumer products.
Interview with Mike Van den Abbeel
Multi-location stylist, salon owner and political activist from Florida shares his views on over regulation.
Interview with Kati Rapoza
Advocacy Program Manager for the Professional Beauty Association outlines why these deregulation efforts are bad for the salon professional industry and what the association does to support stylists.
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