Chatting Over Chowder
Chatting Over Chowder
The Impact of Having Your Core Podcast People with Kimberly Sumpter

Today, we are chatting with Kimberly Sumpter. If you don’t know Kimberly Sumpter, if you are a part of Libsyn, you definitely know her face! She is the black female that is front and center on the Libsyn page! Kimberly is a podcaster and business coach who encourages women of color to expand their reach and share their unique stories through the medium of podcasting. She has a podcast launch program called “Podcast to Empower” where she mentors and coaches emerging podcasters with her signature “concept to launch” approach. When she is not recording her own podcast, Sistahs Connect or helping other podcasters, she is making and operating her company, Wax Kandy Candle Co. and has created a line specifically to podcasters! If that wasn’t enough, she is also a community business academy instructor for Rising Tide Capital, a nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming lives and communities through entrepreneurship.

In this episode, Kimberly chats with us about:

  • How she merged the love of her candle company with the love of podcasting
  • Why it is important that we champion other black women of color podcasters
  • Inexpensive ways to make your podcast sounds great

Listen to Kimberly’s podcast recommendations:

Jill Scott Presents: J.ill the Podcast

I’m Here For the Food

Bisque, Please tell us where can you find Kimberly?

Podcast To Empower Academy –

Honorable Mentions

Spoonful of Comfort on Shark Tank

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This episode is sponsored by Crackers In Soup! Crackers In Soup is a minority women owned podcast management company dedicated to helping you up level your podcast! We provide time and freedom while you use your voice to showcase your expertise.

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