The Incredible Journey from Agency to Solo Business Owner with Paul Lacey

All too often, we hear only the success story. The Olympian who won the goal. The successful millionaire who launched a business from her dorm room. It’s easy to assume these stories are without struggles. But what we don’t see is the sacrifices the olympian made. We don’t see the dozen other ideas and years of work the successful millionaire put in. Today we get to hear it all. Paul Lacey is as generous with his time as he is with his story. See, Paul has gone a long way in his travels as a web developer, from the pre-dot-com burst to crashing an agency and bouncing back. And he’s learned a ton along the way that he generously shares with us in today’s episode. So I just tried to get out of the way and tell his story. I think you’ll love it.

Show Notes:

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