The Voice of Retail
The Voice of Retail
The New Retail Reality

Welcome to the The Voice of Retail , I’m your host Michael LeBlanc, and this podcast is brought to you in conjunction with Retail Council of Canada.

In this episode I moderate a live and interactive retail thought leadership panel live from the Association for Corporate Growth’s virtual stage here in Toronto. ACG, which brings together mid-market private equity players who have a keene interest in the retail sector in Canada. Joining me on this panel “The New Retail Reality” was Diane J. Brisebois, CEO of Retail Council of Canada, Scott Arsenault President of Ren’s Pets and Eric Claus CEO from MEC and David Poirier from The Poirier Group.

Learn more about ACG’s Toronto chapter here.


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I’m your host Michael LeBlanc, President of M.E. LeBlanc & Company, and if you’re looking for more content, or want to chat follow me on LinkedIn, or visit my website!

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