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The Rich Are Stealing Your Teachers | Group Chat News
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Today we’re discussing the massive explosion in Lebanon, the reopening plans of America’s most expensive high school, Jason Calacanis’s hope for a Silicon Valley microschool pod, a NYC deli’s strategy for surviving the pandemic, the 5 victims of a mansion party shooting in Beverly Crest, Jonathan Swan’s interview with Trump, Trump’s demand for TikTok to pay the U.S., China’s dissatisfaction with the U.S.’s attempt to steal TikTok, the viral Facebook post by the mother of an Indiana football player who contracted COVID-19, Odell Beckham Jr.’s belief that the NFL shouldn’t come back this season, the group buying the bankrupt XFL league and how The Rock is involved, Facebook’s decision to lease a massive office in NYC, Google’s investment in ADT and purchase of Nest devices, Lord & Taylor/ Men’s Wearhouse filing for bankruptcy, As Seen on Social, and more.

The Rich Are Stealing Your Teachers – Group Chat News

  • An interview with Caleb Shifferaw, the first winner of the Next Up Incubator. [3:57]
  • Everyone’s least favorite guy is back! Welcome back Taylor Offer. [19:00]
  • Pray for Beirut. [27:40]
  • The way the rich are handling the coronavirus in NYC. [31:41]
  • Does controversy always win? [34:50]
  • How are you going to evolve with time? [41:40]
  • Americans just want to catch a vibe. [50:11]
  • Trump needs to stick to Barstool. [55:25]
  • The US/TikTok pickle. [1:01:28]
  • The Ad Portion. [1:06:06]
  • A warning of things to come with reopening schools. [1:08:03]
  • The only way a professional sports league can survive is a bubble. [1:12:48]
  • Sports Chat. [1:19:15]
  • Facebook is taking over NYC. [1:23:41]
  • Google quietly making moves. [1:27:51]
  • Are suits canceled? [1:35:09]
  • As Seen on Social. [1:42:10]
  • Group Chat Announcements. [1:46:25]

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