The RIGHT Way to Run Ads and Build Funnels with Jason How

Hey everybody and welcome to episode 234 of How I Built It, the podcast that offers actionable tech tips for small business owners. Today’s sponsors are TextExpander, and Nexcess. Jason How knows a thing or two about ads, start with this: don’t start with Ads. Jason gives us a couple of important aspects of running ads you think to think about before actually running the ads – like how to get your offer to a place that will compel people to actually click on ads.

Top Takeaways

  • BEFORE you run any ads, you need to get your offer right. Figure our whom you serve and do the research to make sure your offer is a good one.
  • The messaging will be completely based on the offer.
  • Get people into your funnel with a clear CTA, and have a good confirmation page.

Show Notes:

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