Volume Up by The Tease
Volume Up by The Tease
Time to Detox with L'Oreal Pro featuring Sebastian Langma-Kirtley

About Sebastian Langma-Kirtley
Sebastian is a salon owner and L’Oreal Professionnel Artist with a vast educational background in creative color. He has worked in classrooms and on stages both nationally and internationally sharing his passion and expertise in the art of French Balayage. He believes that coloring hair is an art form. His precise attention to detail is recognized in the signature techniques he is known for.
About Metal Detox
L’Oréal Professionnel’s 3-step Metal Detox salon line will revolutionize how we do hair and leave nothing to chance! The Metal Detox reliably works with any and all lightener and color brands and reduces breakage by 87%. The 3-step metal detox salon protocol includes a pre-treatment metal neutralizer, a shampoo anti-metal cleansing cream, and a conditioning anti-deposit protector that comes in either a conditioner or a mask. There is also a home care line that includes the shampoo and mask for your amazing clients to take home.
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