Today’s guest is Twitch Co-Founder Justin Kan, here to talk about his external and internal journey as it has played out across the successes and failures of his many projects. Our conversation starts with Justin talking about his new early-stage fund, GOAT, and which kinds of C-stage companies they invest in. We then move onto the topic of Justin’s experiences as part of the first Y-Combinator group and the privileges of being in a network of young, brilliant founders. From there, we talk about Justin’s Snapchat fame, his experiences with video-based apps, and the story behind Whale. At a point where Justin was well into his thirties, he realized that his urges to succeed and do better were never going to stop, no matter how well he did. He went on an Ayahuasca retreat and we talk about what happened for him during this time. Justin talks about many inner learnings and realizations he had about happiness coming from within. He shares about how he is exploring these new dimensions of experience by fasting and through his podcast, The Quest. He also weighs in on his other health habits and the apps that keep him consistent in this regard. Tune in for insights into the dynamic path Justin is walking today.


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  • [00:50] Some of the companies Justin has been involved with: GOAT, Alto, Twitch, etc.
  • [02:26] How GOAT works as an early-stage fund that invests in C-stage companies.
  • [03:00] The different types of companies that GOAT likes to fund.
  • [04:26] Support networks and Justin’s experiences as part of the first Y Combinator group.
  • [08:25] Justin’s experiences with video apps and the thought process behind Whale.
  • [12:18] How Justin got big on Snapchat and why his growth plateaued.
  • [14:16] Realizing that happiness comes from within; the story behind Justin’s podcast, The Quest.
  • [17:30] Justin’s Ayahuasca experience and the lessons he learned from it.
  • [21:43] Health habits, discomfort, and Justin’s 5-day fasting experience.
  • [24:13] ‘Insufficiently zeroing in on a specific set of customers’: Learnings from Atrium and Whale.
  • [25:56] Justin’s health and wellness stack: Levels, Kin, and The 5 Minute Journal.
  • [27:38] A must-read book recommendation from Justin.


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