What Facebook's Rebrand to Meta Means For Marketers #1913

In episode #1913, Neil and Eric talk about what Facebook’s rebrand to Meta means for marketers. Get a breakdown of the distinctions between web one, two, and three, and learn how to leverage your marketing in the new decentralized online space. For all this and more, make sure you tune in today!


  • [00:20] Today’s topic: What Facebook’s Rebrand to Meta Means For Marketers
  • [00:43] How Facebook’s virtual world takes online meetups to a new level of immersion.
  • [02:16] Facebook’s metaverse and its similarity to Second Life.
  • [03:02] A breakdown of the distinctions between web one, web two, and web three.
  • [03:47] How the advent of web three will affect marketers.
  • [04:38] What we recommend for marketers on how to participate in web three and how to leverage marketing.
  • [05:27] That’s it for today!
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