Why Businesses are Missing out on TikTok with Rebecca Simon

As an elder millennial, TikTok as a platform scares and upsets me. I’m not really sure how to use it to grow my audience (if it even can) and I’m worried it’s just going to be a huge time suck. But according to Rebecca Simon, if your business isn’t on Tiktok, it’s a huge missed opportunity. SO naturally, I asked her how a small business owner can make the most of the platform; Rebecca offered some of the best advice I’ve heard for any social network! So if you’re wondering how you can grow your audience through TikTok, this episode is for you. Plus, in Build Something More, I ask Rebecca how some of my favorite Tiktoks were made.

Top Takeaways

  • It’s important to have the right SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) in place with VAs, employees, or even just yourself.
  • The direction all social media is moving in is video. Instagram rebranded as a “video” platform, and TikTok is leading the charge. That’s why it’s so important to be there.
  • The biggest benefit is TikTok is pushing you to new people. Discovery is much better on that platform that on follower-centric platforms like Instagram.

Show Notes:

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