Why You Need to Publish Content to Have an Expertise with Rochelle Moulton

How do you become an authority in your field? What’s the key to unlocking rewarding work and more sales with less selling? According to Rochelle Moulton, it’s publishing. And Rochelle knows a thing or two. Not only has she been helping people become authorities in their fields since 2007, but her book, The Authority Code, will give you the blueprint — and the right prompts — to help you too. Rochelle and I have a great conversation around niching down, spending your time wisely, and publishing to become an authority in your space. Plus, in Build Something More, we compare notes on the book writing and publishing process!

Top Takeaways:

  • There’s a difference between being an expert, and being an authority. Experts are good at doing a thing, and get paid do to it. Authorities, whose mindset is publishing, command respect from a much wider audience, and can make money in a variety of ways
  • To build authority, you need to have a niche. You want to be able to talk to your people and offer them solutions and outcomes. In fact, as an authority, that’s exactly what you’re selling: an outcome. How will your perfect client’s life change after working with you?
  • Publishing is the key to building authority. That can be through email, blogging, podcasting, or video. Pick one that works for your audience and start helping people. Then, your content does the selling.

Show Notes:

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