Chatting Over Chowder
Chatting Over Chowder
Women Leading Women in Communication with Robin Kinnie

Powerful, brilliant women are our jam! We like to say that Chatting Over Chowder is so much more than two minority women talking to other women in the podcasting industry…while eating chowder. It is about bringing powerful women in the podcasting industry to the forefront of our listeners. Then every now and then, we have someone that we absolutely idolize!! Robin is one of those people. Robin Kinnie is the President of Motor City Woman, a custom-built broadcast studio with services in digital radio, podcast production, voiceover and audiobook recordings. She has a million other accomplishments in which you have to listen to hear her entire bio!

Join us as we chat about:

  1. Why she believes her path is her calling

  2. The importance of bringing community into your business

  3. How podcasts are intimate

Listen to Robin’s podcast recommendations:

Fresh Air Why – NPR


Honorable Mentions

Rebel Nell Female Founders Promo Books

Bisque Please tell us where can you find Robin?


Twitter: @RobinKinnie


This episode is sponsored by Crackers In Soup! Crackers In Soup is a minority women owned podcast management company dedicated to helping you up level your podcast! We provide time and freedom while you use your voice to showcase your expertise.

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Song Credits: Shine on You featuring Gloria Tells

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