Zoom Plummets Post-Earnings, “The Tesla-Financial Complex” & Shipt CEO on the Holiday Season

Our anchors start off today’s show with Zoom’s stock plummeting following its latest earnings report. Then, Citi Software Analyst Tyler Radke joins for more on Zoom, which he calls a high-risk play. Next, CNBC’s Mike Santoli is here to break down what’s driving the recent market activity. We also have Wedgewood Partners CIO David Rolfe share where he sees opportunity in today’s market and why he’s bullish on Taiwan Semiconductor. Then, CNBC’s Kate Rooney covers payment stocks slipping as we head into the holiday season. Plus, Financial Times Correspondent Robin Wigglesworth joins to discuss his latest piece “The ‘Tesla-Financial Complex’: how carmaker gained influence over markets.” Also, CNBC’s Dom Chu covers the negative sentiment around Cathie Wood’s Ark ETF. And later, CEO of delivery service Shipt Kelly Caruso is here to discuss what to expect this holiday shopping season.

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