Financial Father and Son

In the new social media-driven world we youngsters want everything in the moment. Sadly if you need stuff instantly and spend everything along the way, this is guaranteed to empty your wallet and save nothing for the future. Before that, you need to study, build skills and work to earn the cash in order to buy the things you need or want. What if you could make your money work for you? What if you can use it to build enough wealth to one day let the wealth support your lifestyle and allow you to step off the treadmill? The hosts, a father and his son, explore various ways to achieve financial independence (FI) and mistakes to avoid along the way. Financial father has reached FI and wants to share the journey and his tips and tricks to the audience. This podcast is aimed at people who would like to achieve financial independence by getting rich slowly, being patient and enjoying the journey. If the topics discussed in this podcast were taught in schools we’d have a lot more people out there with financial literacy, financial fitness and financial resilience and probably a lot more happiness.

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